3 Tips by Lia Chhabra that helped her business remain unaffected by COVID-19

Just when we thought we were living in a free and safe world, the global pandemic COVID-19 ruined it all for us. The biggest crisis of our lives we ever saw so far, where everything was shut except hospitals and healthcare services. People lost jobs, businesses were shut and nobody had any clue what the future looked like. Time passed by and lives came back on track. We got on with our lives in the new normal. While many businesses were shut down, many came into existence at the same time. One such business was mine, Shaadivaale, an online portal to plan weddings. My concept gained popularity and I was hopeful that I will be able to take it to another level and so I did.

It took me 3 years to bring my venture Shaadivaale to this scale where I have been getting great response from the entire country. 3 years of experimentation, patience and creativity and COVID couldn’t stop me. My work requires a lot of creativity to create content and catch attention. Through my experience of these 3 years, I have piled up top 3 tips that can help you improve your sales during COVID times. So here we go:

Do not rush things

If you have a passion for your niche, you will know that it’s not going to be easy and overnight. It will come but you got to hold on while you grind. Rushing things is just going to be very risky and damaging for you in the long run. You know they say Unplanned things are much better for you but trust me in business, not planning something before you do can prove to be quite risky in the long run. So, always plan, have a vision and then get into it. Research, test and execute!

Efforts count…

No matter how big your dreams are, nothing is really going to work out unless you make efforts to achieve it. I have seen many visionary entrepreneurs fail just because their efforts didn’t match their vision. So, make sure you’re not excited just by the idea of your venture. You should know what it really takes for a venture to succeed. It’s all about the efforts and energy you put into it.

Do not give up…

As much as it sounds quite common and heard, it is a fact which is very hard to accept at certain points where you are almost feel failed. Remember, your venture is your journey. You’re not going to have sunny days always. There will come times when it’s all dark and you feel like it’s not working. You’ll want to quit it and take the easier route to life. But trust me, if you get past that extreme low point of your life, you’ll come back with a bang at it the very next day.

My story has so many more lessons that I could share with all my fellow entrepreneurs and I will, someday. Just waiting for the right time. I really hope my points made sense to you and although they could be very common but trust me, the entire fortune of your business will depend on these 3 points. If you wish, read it all over again!

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